Alexandra Vega"“I am very pleased and thankful for the courses I’ce taken at Jacksonville Training Center, because I was not only able to learn but it has also open many doors for me in the job market”.
Alexandra Vega (student)

Alexandra Vega

"The course was very good and everything provided by the JTC is top of the range. It was a privilege for me to be able to attend classes in a place that is so close to my work and in an environment that has everything you need. To study at the JTC was a great experience and I’d like to continue to attend as I finish this course. You have everything you’d hope for in a learning institution, a level of excellence and organization that I’d never seen before in our country.
Thank you again,
Felix Maximiliano Obes (alumno) ORACLE- CCJ

Alexandra Vega"To be able to teach at the JTC is a great experience for us, because of the more varied audience that attends compared to the center in Ciudad Vieja. The surroundings, the rooms, and the personalized service provided to attendees allow everyone to take the best advantage of these courses and enjoy themselves. The courses at the JTC have allowed me to share my experience in International Trade with other people, and to be able to learn from them at the same time."
Prof. Cristina Malcuori

Head of the International Business School
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