To be a local foundation with an international outlook, very closely connected to the demanding and prestigious labor market by being aware of the training needs of the people who work in these companies and developing innovative programs that will bridge the gap between personal skills and those needed by the position in question. To be able to put together, promote and develop training programs to meet these needs, adding value and having deep impact in an innovative way.

To develop and promote training and educational programs as well as cultural activities, so to allow people to apply new skills and talents according to the requirements of highly prestigious and international companies in our market, through innovative and value adding programs.













Zonamerica foundation is a non-profit organization and has been active in Uruguay since 2003. Ever since the beginning its main objective has been to foster and promote the development of science and knowledge. This is achieved through different training programs held every year.

Photo: Jacksonville In 2010 the main focus has been professional development targeted at a high-standard labor market, with both a national and international reach.

Together with the opening of the Jacksonville Training Center and joint programs with academies, universities and renowned consultants we’ve been able to offer training programs and courses to develop personal talents and skills, focusing on quality and innovation. These programs have been inspired by the real needs of those companies and people that work with an international outlook both in and outside the Zonamerica Business Park.
Photo: Jacksonville
The Jacksonville Training Center is located in the premises of the former Jacksonville Agriculture School. “The Jackson”, as former students affectionately call the school, trained students in the agriculture field for over 80 years.

The center also provides different services to companies and organizations that need the appropriate space to conduct their own training sessions, workgroups, talks and conferences; all of this in an environment that fosters learning, working in groups and breaking away from your everyday routine.
Photo: Jacksonville
The Jacksonville Training Center aims to stand out as a knowledge hub, providing technology tools and training, aiming at innovation in professional development and education, with an eye on the future and with a modern, diverse and global reach. This Center fosters personal, professional and career development of those who take part in our activities, in an environment that combines the beauty of nature, historic heritage and world-class services.


  Chairman: Alberto Fossati
  Vice-chair: Orlando Dovat
  Secretary: Jaime Miller
  Treasurer: Daniel Azzini
  Members: Carolina Henderson
Pablo Mieres
Gustavo Rodriguez Baltar
Isidoro Hodara
Martín Dovat
Federico Perez
  Executive Director Celia Zunini










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